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TheyCallMeHunky ( OFFLINE )
A place to LIVE and be someone with HIV

After finding out in April 1986 that I had HIV and being told "You need to go home, get your things in order and say what good-bye's you need to", it took 2 years of believing I was dying with this disease and putting myself back into a world of drugs and neglect to my body and life to FINALLY realized that I was not dying after all.

I was still LIVING.

It was then that I said to hell with what they told me and took charge of my life and my medical needs. Firing one doctor, clinic, case manager and nurse after another until I found someone who felt as I did about living with this illness. It could be done...

It's a thing about mind over matter, and as my mom always told me... "Ya don't have a mind, so it don't matter!"

The mind and the way we think is a POWERFUL weapon in combating most any illness, and I have to say I feel I am living proof since I only had Fred (my one t-cell that remained alone in my system for 2 yrs without me dying...) to get me through and somehow we did it. Please, join me in the endeavor... Live POSITIVE!




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