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Created: Dec 03, 2012
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Location: United States
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Veee ( OFFLINE )
Public listing of scamers, spammers, and trolls-

 A safe place for Tribe members to post to each other information about scammers, spammers, trolls, and known predators that might slip though the gates and into the Tribe family.


***Not intended to supercede the moderatorship in any way, but rather, to support and enhance it by making a permanent and public record that members and moderators can come to and access whenever they wish.***


 This is not a place to post profiles simply because you do not like them, it is a real and honest attempt to get Tribe members directly involved with the moderatorship's attempts to keep us all safe while here.


 By building a public database of profiles known to be ill-intentioned, it is hoped that a more flexible and fluid partnership between the moderatorship and the membership will be born, keeping the Tribe healthy.




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