By: whitelake
Mood: Lonely
Date: May 03, 2013
Music: None

its been a hetic day,but i"m still here to come home to my kids. my knee right down are hurting knowing i was never a person that likes milk i am thinking my bone feels brittle and thinking the meds can take away the bone marrow.I wish i know to use to help.been on meds since 2006,My ex husband was bisexual and i never knew until he died in 2002 then i had my denial then i got up my courage and ask my brother to go with me for a test .two weeks later he confess a was more devastated more than i.I educated my family and best friend on hiv.almost all of my fam will migrate soon.and i"m trusting god i wouldn"t be alone.this is my first blog .wanna thank you all for being here for me love.