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Date: Feb 15, 2013
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im doing a research topic on hiv and and aids and my questions is 'will there EVER be a cure' i have to make a questionaire on get people to answer it but i have no idea on the questions to ask. i have no idea where to start there is lots of information online and in books about my question i just dont have any idea on the sort of questions i should ask, does anyone have any ideas how to help. thanks.....



February 19, 2013, 2:15 am

If you wish to attempt to answer "Will there ever be a cure", I would tend to agree with Lively's suggestion of checking out latest research in the way of gene therapy, DNA, etc. They are making huge advances. If this is something you wish to explore, send me a 1:1 message and I can send you a few links. 


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February 16, 2013, 9:45 am

Do you want to ask experts their opinion, or people living with HIV??? You could ask experts, ask them which technology is most promising for a curative and/or preventive vaccine (prophylaxis). In what time frame they think it will become available to the general pop? To Africa? etc.


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From: doogie
February 16, 2013, 12:57 am

I agree with Mj and Jen.  What they said.  Now if you ask for my opinion it is simple.  Unlike a bacterial infection which can be cleared up with an appropriate course of proper medication HIV is a virus.  And as anyone who knows anything about the structure and mode of virology will tell you; A virus is dang hard to beat as it (just like the human Genome) is in a constant state of evolution.  In fact if you were to ask for the perfect example of Modern Evolution I would point you towards the HIV virus.  Excellent exampe.  As to your question about will there ever be a cure.  Party line: "of course there will be, don't give up hope"  My personal opinion. No. I do not, in my life time, think there will be a cure.  I'm not pessimistic; just very realistic.  Too much money involved in the pharmacy sector for an actual cure to be considered viable.  The Major drug companies would loose Trillions of dollars if a cure did ever see the light of the FDA work stations.  And let's be realistic, to the drug companies making money hands over fist off of the drugs needed to treat the Millions of us who have the HIV virus is worth more than the cure. That is my opinion as an HIV positive individual and former health care provider.


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From: jenwho
February 15, 2013, 9:27 pm

Is this a subjective question on our opinions whether there will ever be a cure - or are you looking for the scientific research studies that are currently working towards multiple ways to prevent hiv?  the question you ask is too general first of all--you want to narrow down your research question first of all, secondly, I am 25 years into living with this, so at this point, there are preventable steps that I take-such as taking my daily meds when required-live a normal life-have goals, get lab work done use to be every 3 months, now I have to only get lab work done every 6 months...btw, I have a 14 daughter born whom is hiv negative-Glad you are taking on the research question, but you might want to talk to your Professor and ask them to assist you in narrowing your question--I had to do that with mine, when I completed my Master's Degree last year....Wish you peace, jen


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