By: shirleysw21
Mood: Okay
Date: Jan 20, 2013
Music: None

Hi, All, been awhile but I've come to say hello. Doing good and well. I've been Celibrating and mourning this month in memory of my child. I'm still dealing with a lot of woes but I'm learning a lot about myself. Still haven't given up on love. But there are still a lot of growing I need to do.

Over the course of last I realised that there had been a difference in how I feel about my first boyfriend. I realize I'm not as angry as I used to be whenever I think about. To be frank it's almost like I've forgotten about him. It's even takes a few minutes to even remember his name. Bill had in a way connected my expectations of attration and love in one despite ou break up. As a child growing up into a woman really like to a point loved Cedric but when we did maniage to get together my feelings changed as I found out he was who I thought. But Bill was different he was everything Cedric was not and done more then him. And now I realize that I really loved him and just love-love but LOVE him. I am regretful things didn't work out but I do hope to meet someone who can make me fill the way I did when I was with him but more on a perment or long-term. Bill isnt a bad and apart of me would try again with him.



From: kmg1947
January 21, 2013, 1:27 am
Blessings to you. As you learn to love yourself, that someone special who comes your way will learn to understand everything that comes with giving you the love you deserve in return. Many Blessings, and I'm sorry to hear of your lost. Kmg1947


Appreciate Life and the Love you have in it.