Surrealistic Pillow

By: climber54
Mood: Other
Date: Apr 08, 2013
Music: None

67 days since arriving here after...after...too many to count dreaming about it and working

toward it (that dream goes back decades as does the work). It's been thrilling and easy
as pie, everything has just fallen into place like magic. NOT. Keep the thrilling part, strike
the easy part but I knew that was going to be the case. After I've jumped through one
offered benefits hoop another one seems to appear - actually two or more like in a Fun
House - which mirror image is the real one? Apply force (that's what I tell myself on
every rep at the gym or strike at the heavy bag) and all obstacles crumble. Keep at it.
When I lived in New Jersey a trip to the City always left me exhausted, even if it was just
walking around, let alone the work I used to do here but I couldn't wait to get back and
out into this awesome and challenging environment. Now I'm here and beginning to
understand why New Yorkers value their 'nests' so much. Apartments here are compact
as a rule and a cleverly using the space offered is a constant source of conversation. If
you live on a high floor as I'm so fortunate to do the small space feels open and light and
the views are truly million dollar ones. My bedroom /office has two walls virtually made
of glass. My chosen work with Life Network and planning summer events has been less
than easy too. Jump to: stress relief. Drugs are more available here in quality (if you
want to use that word) and availibility than anywhere in the country and I've been there,
done that and it's not an option or even a passing thought. I don't do dat no mo. Last
night I found, downloaded and screened David Lynch's Mullholland Drive to take my head
somewhere else without the possibility of arrest or an ER visit. It worked. By chance I
was poking around video sites this evening and found that the entire two seasons of Twin
Peaks is now on HULU. Marathon time. 25 hours or so of pure oddity and escapism at
the end of my days (gotta string it out not all at once. Most content out there is simple
minded crap).
Strange dreams without the Sustiva after watching and turning in. Cool. Here I go
with the Pilot from 1990...


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From: ms83poz
April 9, 2013, 9:57 am

Circledmoon sure summed that up! That must be an awesome feeling, & well overdue xx



April 8, 2013, 10:45 pm

you have landed in your element, chris. things will continue to fall into place...opportunities, adventure, new people, new places, fulfillment. you have worked very hard for these days to come.


What if the hokey pokey is really what it's all about?