May Day

By: plusone
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Date: May 04, 2013
Music: Mag44

Labour day 2013. Not again. I wonder why we even bother with some of these rituals long after their relevance. Call it a blessing or a curse, those of us who grew up in parts of the world and at a time when socialist dogma was introduced to us as early as the third grade will know that come the first day of the month of May year in and year out something communist rises up in us like a green (red?) monster from the grey area between nature and nurture.

Ever since I found myself working for myself that inner call for fewer hours, better pay... conditions of service blah bla bla has since died. Yet the machinery of the inner call, like the irresistible urges of a werewolf on a full moon reaches out to my up insides and I watch endless marches, demonstrations, speeches, awards on TV and go into holiday mode when the day comes. So wish I could find that off switch and flick it.

Could be that I miss the 9 to 5. All I have now is a 7 to 7 as in a.m. to a.m. Every day, every hour is work time. I have to take more pay cuts than raises and if I don’t make my targets I don’t get paid. Period. I remember when working a full time job was not an option coz I was sick or someone thought I was bad PR/Rep owing to my you know what. My status has always been private but that period of hospital admission, weight loss and life style changes made people reach the conclusion that I had the bug. I never confirmed or denied the assertion. It’s for me to know and you to find out is one of the few pleasures any person with HIV has to enjoy and have a good laugh from.

Am thinking I deserve a little piece of pie of the workman's day out of a years sweat in 2013. If not to munch on then to gloat and show it off to the doubters. The haters. Many of who thought come this year we would all be flat out face down penny less sick fragile and diseased to have anything going for us come the stroke of midnight at the start of May in any given year. Happy labour day to all. To all who thought or were told come this year they would not be here today. Not have a job or business or pay the bills. To the students and retired and those on disability go ahead and have some pie too. If this thing has been around all these years there sure is plenty to go around.

To the sick among us, out of work or just having a rough patch - make Ihope you find the resolve to get your bragging rights for 2014. It’s never too early for a new year's resolution.


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May 7, 2013, 6:58 am

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From: plusone
May 4, 2013, 11:36 am

Get copy and copyright! It totally cracks me up when people beat about the bush asking how my toe is when when what they actually want to to ask the thousand and one questions on hiv. Not my loss.


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From: jenwho
May 4, 2013, 11:14 am

one plus you amaze me again -- Happy labour day to all!!  May I say, I am going to borrow "It’s for me to know and you to find out is one of the few pleasures any person with HIV has to enjoy and have a good laugh from."  Yes, so very true...peace, jen


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