Hiv treatment

By: looksee
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Date: Jan 27, 2013
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i wanted to share some hope and encouragement today , i am sure lots of us google heaps. i want to share bits i've come across

we were in bali recently and was talking with a dr over there that runs a clinic etc

even when people are able to access additional therapies there is a lot that are directed to stick to grug company stuff as protocol.

colostrum is one that seems to have really positive potential and it doesnt require a script and all that stuff appears at face value it could give the virus a run for its money , is there anyone that has done colostrum therapy either through a dr or just by adding it to their diet .

a site that coved it well was a aussie site and it had lots of links to studies and other sites

lets see if there anyone that has taken it and how they are going

have a good day




From: jenwho
January 27, 2013, 2:38 pm

Wow, I knew I had heard that word colostrum before, but I had to look it up---from what I remember from giving birth to my lovely 14 year daughter is that prior to her birth (graphic) my nipples released some clear fluids prior to me being able to breast feed (which I did not, due to transmission rates of increaseing hiv to newborns)...I have not heard of this as being a treatment, but any additional information is plausible....strange yes, but at this point, nothings seems out of the ordinary...thanks for sharing, jen 


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