Don't know what to do

By: shirleysw21
Mood: Don't know
Date: Jun 17, 2014
Music: None

I know it been quite awhile but I had to do some thinking.
To come to a conclusion about a part in my life.
I told myself I even tried to give up but the hope and desire
for a compainion in this life seem impossible dismiss or even
You see Im quick to fall in love with someone.
Some teens date and get a feel for romance and get use
to the company of a man or love interest.
I never really had that. Dating to me is no more than equal to
a common hand shake with a stranger.
And because of my lack of dating I feel like I don't know what
to do or if I'm doing anything right or normal. When he came to pick me up
we spend most if not all the time not talking much less saying a word.
I just don't know what to say or do with a guy to see if he's interested
or not. I feel terrified and clam up out of shear fear of screwing my chance
at love. I know I'm not like women. I don't talk much (to my standards) but these
feelings, desires they aren't making things easy on me and my mentally. I feel I just
want to give up on finding love and I don't won't to wait around hoping to a see a guy that
lives over 50 miles away. Trying to get out there is a little too hard espeacially if there's no one
close or nearby. I just don't like this feeling it leaves me feeling hopeless. I just don't know rather
to give up on love or keep trying only to be disappointed. All I really is someone in who is close enough to develop a bond maybe build a life with. But almost every potential love interest live too
far and I really don't him going out of his way to see me. I was thinking of reopening my account at
HIVdating online to try again but I'm not too sure.
I just don't know what to do. I want love but not a long distance one as sad as it may seem.



June 18, 2014, 10:45 am

Heh Shirley....I too live in an out of the way rural area and every guy would have to travel far for a date.  Its seems impossible to find someone...but, you have to put yourself out are young and attractive and worthy of love....there many dating sites and found hiv net dot com is easy to make contact for free and most hivers are signed up there.  good luck and have fun.